Good Vibes Only

Good Morning. by Crusade. on Flickr.


have u ever looked into the sky and felt as if you were falling into it? 

no no no i mean laying on your back, not on anything. clean. in the grass on a nice quiet day.

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sough (v.) to moan, to rustle, to sigh;
           (n.) the gentle, soothing murmur of wind or water
dirl (v.) to thrill, to vibrate, to penetrate; to tremble or quiver 
effleurage (v.) “to stroke as one would a flower”
                 (n.) a series of light stroking touches
cafuné (v.) running your fingers through your lover’s hair
cataglottism (n.) kissing with tongue

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3D sidewalk chalk

Red Wing Pecos prop boots at the Kapital store, this pair was used for the shoot in Tanzania